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Kii RING System - Organize Your Keys

Kii RING™ allows a faster and simpler way to swap out your keys. No more broken nails. Save you time and frustration.

- Super easy to use.  

- Very secure.  

- Premium stainless steel material.

- Function better than any other key ring. 

- Includes one 34mm Kii RING and four 20mm mini Kii RINGs so you can organize your keys.

Patent Pending


I “use” it daily.  No longer do I have to bring all my keys to the gym, on a hike (they’re heavy and noisy).  So easy to take the keys off and put them back on.  - Gary M.

My keyring is so much less cluttered with this organized system.  It’s faster to find the right key, and if you need to take them out it’s a snap.  – Joe Taylor

No more chipped nail every time I get a key off my keyring.  A necessity for anyone with manicures.  - Carole G.

I dig this kii ring.  I carry USB drive and other keyfob with me and this system allows removing them effortlessly.  Even the smaller ring has the bump feature.  - Mitch H.

It's easy to add or remove a key, it’s very secure and it’s not expensive.  A well thought out product. - Mary J.


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